Scandinavian Interiors: The Trend That’s Here to Stay (and How to Get it on a Budget)
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While neutral colors have never truly left the spotlight, there’s never been a time quite like now when millennials are not only living smaller, but they’re also opting for extreme minimalism. That’s not to say that you should grab a garbage bag and quickly get rid of everything you own, it simply means that younger generations are appreciating more about life than just collecting “stuff”.


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The desire to travel, the fear of debt, and environmental concerns are just a few of reasons why this style is stealing the spotlight, but even if none of those resonate with you, the calming nature of Scandinavian design should do the trick.

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Let’s let these photos speak for themselves! I’ll also add a few items below you can shop by clicking the photo and most importantly, on a serious budget (the only way I know how)!

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$80 for set of 4
Only $179