8 Ways To Easily Add Color To Your Home; Even If You’re Addicted To Neutrals

As it starts getting hotter out, I’m finding myself spending more time at home, and as a result, spending too much time staring at each room and finding things I want to change. It’s easy to look at something and simply say you don’t like it, but not sure how to break the cycle of constantly going for grey, taupe, black, and white. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a neutral addict; all of the large pieces of furniture in my home are absolutely neutrals. So how do you add a little life to your space without stepping too far outside your comfort zone and wasting your money? It’s actually a lot easier than you may think.


1.Add small décor pieces such as blankets, pillows, candles and vases

Via Better Homes and Gardens

2. Switch up your colored décor seasonally so you never get bored or have to fully commit

Via Liz Marie Blog

3. If still want to play it safe, opt for metallic, pastel, or jewel tones

Via Daily Dream Decor


4. Add leafy green plants to easily add life and color (you’ll be shocked at the difference even silk plants can make!)

Via Homes to Love


5. Try adding color with a large colored painting or photograph

Via Kate Fisher


6. Paint an accent wall

Via The Glitter Guide


7. If you STILL can’t seem to add color, try mixing in neutral patters

Via Stylin Home


8. Paint your front door

Via Carla Aston