5 Houseplants You Can’t Kill

It’s no secret that you should add greenery to every single room in your home in order to complete the look and make it feel alive. Although I’m still a lover of the faux plants for how much we travel, it turns out there are plants that can also survive our time away and help with the air quality in the house along the way! Are you also self-proclaimed plant killer? I recently learned plants aren’t all finicky and hard to care for so here are a few that can make even a plant serial killer seem like a true green thumb. 




Snake plant

Snake plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and even colors; they are great air purifiers for your home. These plants need minimal water and thrive from a lack of attention. Snake plants can survive without direct sunlight, even in places without any natural light. 




ZZ plant

The ZZ Plant is one that looks so stunning it can be mistaken for fake. This plant doesn’t need direct light or a lot water. It prefers to completely dry out and can even flower.



Aloe plant

Aloe plants are succulents, and much like cacti they thrive in a dry environment, so allow them to dry out between deep watering. Place in a bright location with a lot of indirect light. Aloe cuttings can also be used to heal cuts and sunburns. 





Cacti come in many shapes, sizes and colors, they are desert plants so they don’t need a lot to water at all. Cacti need to be in a bright location in your home.



Air plants 

Air plants are awesome, they don’t need dirt at all and can be placed almost anywhere. You can mist the air plant and if it seems to be dry you can soak it for an hour every few weeks.