4 Unique Steps To Organizing Your Closet (Making it Easier To Get Dressed In The Morning)

Each time I see an old trend come back in style, I start to wonder whether my purging habits have gone too far. The truth is though, that even when a trend reappears, it usually has a modern twist, fit, color, or fabric; and therefore simply doesn’t make sense to hold onto old clothes in hopes that one day you’ll make use of them again. A cluttered home = a cluttered mind! Perhaps this stems from years of moving every few months and needing to love every piece of clothing I own as it would be taking up space in my suitcase, but I can assure you that loving your clothes makes life so much easier. We recently lived in a NYC apartment with a shocking amount of closet space and storage in comparison to others, however, my husband is the one with the extensive wardrobe that takes up all the space, and so I had to get creative. Here are some of my solutions to organizing your closet and making your life easier.

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1. If you haven’t worn it in a year, and it’s not a special occasion item, it has to go.

Hear me out: no matter what it cost, or how good it used to look when you were 10 lbs lighter, it’s not doing you any favors taking up space in your closet and getting in the way of things you actually wear but can no longer see because it’s hidden behind all the clothes you used to wear out to the bar when you were 21. There are so many great services like ThredUp that will mail you a bag to fill with old clothes, pay you for the ones they can sell, send a tax receipt for the ones they donate (outdated), or shred and repurpose the stuff that’s worn/ripped. It’s never been easier to clean out your closet!

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2. One thing in, one thing out

This is a simple rule to live by to ensure you never have to spend an entire day getting rid of old clothes from 5 years ago. Each time you purchase a new pair of jeans, try your best to get rid of an old pair. Now I understand this isn’t always going to work, especially if you’re building a new professional wardrobe for a position you just got, etc, but you get the idea.


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3. Make Everything Visible and Accessible

If you can see what you own, you’re more likely to wear it; it’s that simple. Depending on how your closet is set up (shelving, hanging bar, etc), try your best to make everything even slightly visible. If you have a high shelf you can hardly reach, make it seasonal; put your sweaters up there in the summer, and swap with shorts/dresses in the summer. Don’t let the little things take up visible space: put socks, underwear, pjs, bras in baskets; you don’t need to see each individual one of these. Consider clear bins or see-through wire baskets as a storage solution for scarves, hats, and seasonal items.

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4. Maximize Your Wall Space

Whether you have an opening closet door, or an area in your closet that’s not exactly functional, there are ways to make the most of this. I quickly figured this out because I have large opening closet doors that looked too plain open, yet I didn’t want them closed constantly either. Command Hooks are an amazing tool that don’t make holes, but add functionality to your closet. I use these magical little hooks to hang up a pair of jeans I’ve worn and will wear again, or to hang a “scarf hanger” and display my belts and scarves. I also use these little hooks to hang small purses so that again – I can see them all! And when you’ve run out of closet room, consider using Command Hooks to make a hat wall display, or something similar to create functional décor.

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