How It Works

Step 1
Enter information on your home for a free in-home consultation
Step 2
TopComp pays for renovations up front and handles the project.
Step 3
TopComp sells your home for top dollar and you keep all the added profit.

Before & After


Updates to Make Before Listing Your Home

Updating your home isn’t easy, but most often a necessity – we’re here to help at no up-front cost to you. Learn more about the updates we make to get you top dollar.

iBuyers vs. TopComp: Sell for Convenience or Sell for Top Dollar

How TopComp can make you more money if you’re not in a rush to sell and accept offers below your home’s potential value.

TopComp vs. For Sale By Owner

An option that may seem like the alternative to traditional agents – but there are hiccups along the way that you won’t want to deal with. We offer services well beyond that of a traditional agent, add value to your home, and put money in your pocket – for the same fee!

What to Know Before Selling Property in An Estate

Handling an estate is no easy task and generally not one we are familiar with until it falls on our laps – read the full article to understand how we can alleviate the stress of selling the property quickly and for top dollar.

Side by Side Analysis

iBuyers & Home Flippers
  • Sell below market value
  • iBuyers charge 6-13%
  • Subtract any repairs needed from purchase price
  • Only purchase homes between $100k-$500k
  • Profit by flipping your home
  • Provides the capital for upgrades
  • Team of contractors, designers, and real estate agents
  • Provides a move-in ready home
  • Home sells quick and for top dollar
  • Home owner keeps all the added profits
Traditional Sale
  • Home sold as is
  • Manage any updates yourself
  • Home owner pays for updates
  • Agent often lacks design knowledge
  • Home sits on market longer


Space Planning 101

  Planning a room before purchasing any furniture is absolutely crucial in order to avoid purchasing pieces that are too big or small for the space. Quickly drafting a floor plan and playing around with the furniture arrangement is the single easiest way to ensure your focal point stands out, the visual weight is distributed […]

Incorporating Color: What Goes and What Clashes?

This part seems to be one of the most challenging amongst our clients, but it doesn’t have to be with this little cheat sheet we’ve created. We’ve got you covered on everything from the psychology behind each color, how to create a palette that doesn’t clash, and of course even our favorite apps for color […]

Biggest Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid (Pt. 2)

As promised last week, the list of mistakes to avoid continues and trust me, you’ll want to read on. Having a balanced and beautiful space will literally put your mind at ease. When there is a clear focal point, complimentary colors, and everything has just enough space, it will feel exactly like walking into a […]